Continuous indexing and cutting face gear with straight edge cutter

In order to further improve the machining efficiency of rough cutting soft tooth surface gear with straight edge cutter, Grimson put forward the continuous indexing method of machining surface gear with straight edge cutter. The approximate generating motion is the same as that in Figure 5, and in the continuous indexing, the straight edge cutter teeth are inlaid on the circular cutter head by the staggered arrangement of the cutter teeth and the rotation speed of the cutter and the workpiece meet certain motion laws. Although the freedom of motion of the machine tool is configured as 6, the complex motion laws are very complex.

At present, there is no relevant research literature at home and abroad on this processing method, but Stadtfeld has applied for invention patents in Europe and America, including China, and its technical level is still worthy of investment. Obviously, in addition to the characteristics of the method shown, the machining efficiency of this method is high, especially suitable for rough cut gears.

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