Honing of face gear

In order to reduce the surface roughness value of the hard gear surface and trim the texture of the gear surface after grinding, Wang Yanzhong and others studied the grinding honing compound machining method of the gear surface. The honing transmission principle is similar to figure 1, that is, the profile wheel is made into honing wheel, and the gear tooth surface is covered with cubic boron nitride, so as to improve the tool durability and machining efficiency. In order to avoid the influence of installation error on the quality of gear surface, a flexible coupling is connected in series between the spindle of machine tool and honing wheel. In the honing process, the hard particles on the honing gear can slide relative to the tooth surface and profile direction of the workpiece by engaging the honing wheel with the workpiece, so as to cut the workpiece. Later, they also used honing method to finish the surface of the face gear with profile and shape. The experiment shows that the maximum deviation of the tooth surface is only 15.1 μ m, which improves the accuracy of the face gear.

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