Dynamic simulation of multistage gear transmission system of shearer cutting part

System dynamics simulation is to obtain the actual meshing state of each gear pair. The coupling dynamic model of the box and transmission system of the cutting part of mg1200 shearer is established. In this model, the dynamic deformation of the rocker box is considered by the condensed finite element method, and the dynamic characteristics of the key parts of the transmission system, such as bearing, shaft, gear, motor and drum, are considered by the lumped parameter method.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the effectiveness of a new calculation method of modification parameters for specific cutting conditions, which can make the motor run under rated conditions (rated power 1200 kW, rated speed 1470 R / min). Since the total transmission ratio of the cutting part transmission system is 83.87, the average value of the drum cutting resistance torque is 653.8 kn · M. Considering the random distribution of gangue and hard inclusion in coal seam, the load fluctuation coefficient of cutting load is 0.2.

(a) Meshing tooth direction error (b) Dynamic tooth force

As shown in Figure 1, when the supporting system of the gear is loaded and deformed, the actual meshing state of the gear teeth can be expressed by two parameters: meshing tooth direction error f β y and dynamic tooth force F. Figure 2 shows the meshing tooth direction error curve and dynamic tooth force curve of cutting gear pair 3 under rated working condition. The two curves record the actual meshing state of the gear pair at any time.

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