Error analysis of gear hobbing

Through the analysis of gear hobbing machining error, the following are mainly completed:

  1. The formation mechanism of tooth profile error is studied, the machining accuracy model of gear hobbing is established, and the influence law of gear hobbing hob and its cutting parameters on tooth profile error is obtained;
  2. The analysis of machining error of gear hobbing hob and the batch machining practice of automobile gear products show that the axial runout error, total meshing error and helix error of gear hobbing hob are 100% reflected in the tooth profile error, and 10% of the pressure angle error is converted to the tooth profile error of gear, 20% of the radial runout error of gear hob tip will be reflected in the tooth profile error;
  3. The analysis of gear hobbing hob error and the rotation angle error of indexing worm gear repeated many times in each revolution shows that the gear hobbing hob error is the main factor affecting the gear profile error. Accordingly, targeted control measures can be taken for the machining error of automobile gears.
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