Error measurement method of noncircular gear

A lot of research has been done on the measurement of cylindrical gear and non-circular gear at home and abroad, but the measurement accuracy is not very high and the measurement efficiency is low. For the research of non-circular gear measurement method, Khan applied simulation analysis method to analyze the transmission error of helical non-circular gear with different number of teeth from the angle of contact stress and meshing stiffness; According to Mundo, it is an effective method to measure the non-circular gear error by using coordinate measurement method; Tang Dewei analyzes the tangential comprehensive error of non-circular gear by using the single-sided meshing measurement method; Chen Huixian uses the comprehensive measurement method to measure the pitch curve error of non-circular gear and the transmission ratio accuracy of non-circular gear, which directly reflects the radial comprehensive error of non-circular gear; Dong Guoqing established the error measurement project of non-circular gear by analogy with circular gear, and proposed the comprehensive measurement method for non-circular gear; Liu Haijun and others used the polar coordinate measurement principle to measure the non-circular gear; Wang Jianhua and others designed the gear error measurement scheme on the gear measuring center by using the polar coordinate method; sun Xuan et al proposed the measurement method of cross rod distance; Guo Jingbin proposed a polar coordinate tracking measurement method for noncircular gears.

1) The contact probe is used in CMM measurement, and the measurement error is large

2) The non – contact laser probe is used in the measurement of articulated arm scanner

3) When using the three-dimensional scanner, the basic statistical analysis method is used to measure multi-section, which has higher measurement accuracy and eliminates the randomness of measurement error.

There are many measurement methods for non-circular gear, and the measurement accuracy obtained by different measurement methods is different. Based on this, this paper uses different measurement methods to measure the same error items of the same non-circular gear, and compares the measurement results and the measurement accuracy of different measurement methods, which has important theoretical significance and practical value.

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