Experimental device for dynamic characteristics of gear friction excitation

The experiment is carried out on the FZG Standard Test stand, as shown in Figure 1. The modified A-gear with a large sliding rate is shown. The test stand is a closed power transmission and the load is preloaded on the pinion by an elastic shaft.

Four acceleration measuring points are arranged on the bearing end cap of the pinion gear in the direction of engagement line and friction force, which are defined in accordance with Figure 2.Another acceleration sensor is located in the centre of the upper surface of the box.Where the signal Vib_Xp, Vib_Yp, Vib_H will be used in the subsequent analysis.The signal acquisition system is Bamp; K-3560C and the signal analysis system is Labshop Pluse.

The experimental conditions are consistent with the simulation analysis. The intact and damaged tooth surfaces (as shown in Figure 2) are tested with oil bath lubrication.

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