Finite element modeling and mesh generation of FH hypoid gear

Taking the FH hypoid gear in the above section as an example, according to the gear parameters, the full tooth models of the big gear and the small gear of the FH hypoid gear are obtained by modeling, as shown in Fig. 1

Here HyperMesh is used for mesh generation. HyperMesh is a commonly used pre-processing software for finite element analysis. Both gears are divided into hexahedral meshes. Compared with tetrahedral mesh, hexahedral mesh has less calculation time (the same size of element size, the number of hexahedral mesh is less, the less the number of mesh, the less calculation time), and the accuracy is better. In the meshing process of two gears, the tooth surface is involved in contact, so it is necessary to ensure that the mesh of tooth surface is fine and has high accuracy. The mesh accuracy of transition surface can be relaxed appropriately, which can improve the calculation speed while ensuring the accuracy of calculation results. The meshing results of tooth surface are shown in Fig. 2 (in order to save calculation time, only part of the mesh is divided here for illustration)

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