Gear model and coupling force element characteristics

Gear is the key part of gearbox system, so it is very important to establish the coupling force element between rigid body model and gear pair. In the gear module of the multi-body dynamics software used, there are more precise gear parameter modeling attributes. The main gear modeling interface is shown in Figure 1. It can be seen from Figure 1 that the gear model building mainly includes three model blocks, including gear type module, gear basic parameter module and gear modification module. Because the single-stage gear transmission selected in this paper is spur gear, the external spur gear model is selected in the gear type module, and the basic gear model is input in the gear basic parameter module. Because the tooth surface modification characteristics are not considered temporarily, no modification parameters are set in this module. The brief gear geometric model is established as shown in the figure. It can be used to analyze the vibration characteristics of the involute gear in the early stage.

Similarly, figure 2 shows the interface for setting the parameters of the coupling force element between gear pairs. In the coupling force element module, several special parameter models are mainly damping model, friction model and gear slice analysis model. The diversified parameter model input of gear pair force element can analyze the meshing signal response between gear pairs in more detail, so as to realize the multi modular input parameters to analyze the vibration characteristics of gear system, and also realize the rapid combination of theoretical analysis and engineering application. In this paper, the linear damping model and gear slice model are used in the simulation analysis model, and the influence of friction on the system is not considered.

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