Gear shaping of face gear

As early as 1945, fellows company has invented the gear shaping processing of face gear. The parameters of gear shaping cutter are the same as those of the small wheel in face gear transmission. The gear shaping cutter forms the same profile wheel as the small wheel in the axial reciprocating linear motion. Therefore, the small wheel or the gear shaping cutter and the face gear are in a complete conjugate relationship during the processing. Limited by the reasons of low precision and low hardness of the technological level gear shaping at that time, it can only be used in the situation of low transmission requirements and light load. Since then, the development of face gear transmission has been stagnant for nearly 50 years. China has basically mastered the gear shaping technology of face gear. For example, the team led by Zhu Rupeng took the lead in developing the gear shaping machine in 2006, and Deng Xiaozhong and others completed the gear shaping experiment of face gear.

Its outstanding technical significance lies in: on the one hand, it makes the face gear have the possibility of practical application; on the other hand, Litvin comprehensively discusses the meshing theory of face gear transmission from the angle of gear shaping, points out that the local point contact can be obtained by 1-3 teeth less than the gear shaper, exposes the undercut and cusp changing conditions of face gear, and based on the computer simulation technology, The meshing characteristics of face gear drive are revealed. For example, it is pointed out that the installation error will not cause the linear transmission error. Although it will cause the offset of contact path, it has little impact on the bearing capacity, which causes a new understanding of face gear drive. In the same time, based on the theory of gear shaping, Chinese researchers have carried out in-depth research on the machining interference, tooth surface design, meshing simulation and other issues of the face gear.

Due to the maturity of gear shaping technology in foreign countries, there are few records of gear shaping processing cases in foreign countries for a long time. However, because the principles of gear shaping are highly consistent with the meshing principles of face gear transmission, many theories and methods related to face gear, such as the definition of tooth surface, modification, hobbing, testing and meshing analysis, are based on gear shaping, It can be said that gear shaping is the cornerstone of the follow-up study of face gear.

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