Helical gear modification

It mainly completes the three-dimensional structure design of the helical gear model. First, the modal analysis of the helical gear assembly model structure is carried out, then the contact analysis of the mechanical system dynamics is carried out, the tooth direction modification optimization of the helical gear is carried out, and the modified structure is verified by finite element analysis.

  1. helical gear parametric modeling; (1) The profile of helical gear is modeled by using proe software; (2) Carry out parametric modeling to generate helical gears.
  2. the solution and analysis of 20 mode order state of helical gear assembly: (1) modal analysis of helical gear assembly; (2) Analyze the modal analysis results and the vibration mode diagram.
  3. helical gear transient dynamic contact analysis: (1) helical gear ANSYS transient dynamic contact analysis; (2) The contact state of helical gear is studied and the stress distribution nephogram is obtained.
  4. helical gear tooth direction modification and checking calculation; (1) Optimization design of tooth profile modification; (2) The determination of meshing degree and the design of helical profile modification teeth; (3) Transient dynamic analysis and checking calculation of the gear after tooth profile optimization.
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