High-precision spiral bevel gear machining technology

Gears as high as arc wheels are also called arc wheels. From the side, they show a flat gear shape. The principle of research and development is to polish high teeth on the basis of swing arcs. During the process of processing, factories usually cut gears in a small amount according to the plane of production, starting from the contact area of each part, and combine the cutter with the shaft to realize the alignment.Processing of shrink gears.

Theoretically, three necessary conditions are required for large-scale high-precision screw machining technology, namely, confirmation of pressure parts, confirmation of screw angle and cutting tool radius.They are the basic structure of gears, and the installation position should be paid attention to in the angle of the radius of the cutter plate. The installation of the cutter plate is mainly based on the rotation of the cutter body, and the movement of the side view cutter with diagonal line is also an important part. It is a technical method of parallel device with eccentric drum as the core, and the position of the cutter should be paid special attention to.

This is based on the sector rotating table and the moving parts box as the carrier. It is also important to adjust the position of the cutter head according to the axis direction. Each cutter face has a balanced section. The position of the section point is the center of the machine which bears the processing gear. The manufacturer should move along the axis of the bed seat and install the sector on the rollers in its whole shape. The installation standard should be according to one.Fixed parameters are implemented by adjusting the angle of the bell gear. These parameters are mainly obtained on a milling machine by mechanical gears. We use a designed gear unit to simulate and display the position of all gears in a vertical state.

Arc surface contour machining technology is the most widely used processing method at present, with strong application and a maximum diameter of 1800 mm, which can realize automatic adjustment and open design.According to this technology, the gear is divided into three shafts, all shafts are sliding by parallel levers, the gear of arc wheel is divided into spindle and auxiliary shaft, the spindle is rotated and an automatic balancing device is set on the rotor to ensure the fixed position and comprehensive utilization of the lathe in continuous operation. The installation and design drawing of auxiliary shaft is very clever. The designer centers the installation node and will be easy to slide.The position is set in the coordinate system and the friction wheel is set on the joint. This technological treatment ensures that the gear is always balanced during operation without damaging the parts.

We use automatic control to distribute in an orderly manner, pay attention to the degree of processing, and compile programs with digital control system to complete the effective use of drivers.

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