Independent innovation becomes the main theme of gear industry

In recent years, the gear industry is asking a question, where is the development direction of the industry? Where is our growth point? According to ZHY gear, the development of the fourth pole is comprehensive in many aspects: full industrialization of domestic automatic transmission, precision reducer based on robot demand and high-speed train gearbox.

Auto transmission has always been a “pain” in China’s gear industry. Over the past 20 years, the whole industry has invested a lot of material, financial and human resources in R & D, but the progress of industrialization has been unsatisfactory. The deficit in the gear industry is due to the large number of imports of automatic transmissions, which reached more than 16 billion US dollars in 2015 according to customs statistics. It is heartening that, after long-term efforts, the industrialization of automatic transmission has entered a substantial stage and is about to usher in a development climax. China has independent innovation achievements in at, AMT, CVT, DCT and hybrid transmission, especially in the field of at and CVT. The author estimates that in the next few years, when the domestic automatic transmission reaches 5 million sets, the composition of the domestic transmission industry will change completely.

At present, precision reducers are mainly used in industrial robots, CNC machine tools and automation equipment. In the next few years, China’s industrial robot industry will be in a high-speed development period, which provides a broad market prospect for high-precision and high-performance joint reducer. Unfortunately, China’s robot precision reducers have long relied on imports; fortunately, this situation is about to change. After the “follow-up research” and “independent innovation” of the whole industry, as well as the strong support of the government, the industrialization of RV and harmonic reducers for various types of robots is actually in progress. In the next three years, a production capacity of 1 million units will be formed, which will support the development of China’s robot and intelligent equipment industry.

China’s high-speed rail train is a “gold card” made in China. However, behind the rise of China’s high-end equipment is the backwardness of key components. Gearbox is the core part of power transmission of high-speed railway train, its performance directly determines the reliability and safety of high-speed railway train operation. The gearbox for high-speed rail in the world is completely monopolized by enterprises such as Germany and Japan. Compared with the existing high-speed railway in foreign countries, China’s high-speed railway, due to its vast territory, has a large temperature difference between the north and the south, long operation span, high speed, long-time operation and other complex and variable conditions, which puts forward more stringent requirements for the reliability and other performance of the gearbox. In order to solve the problem of gear box that hinders the development of high-speed railway, the relevant enterprises of our country, with the support of the state, have developed a new way to solve the problem of temperature rise, vibration, lightweight and reliability of gear box for high-speed railway, formed an integrated design method, developed products with independent knowledge, replaced foreign products, and realized industrialization.

The gear industry has entered the fourth pole development, and independent innovation has become the main theme. The author inspected that the first three times of growth of China’s gear industry mainly benefited from introduction, digestion and re innovation. The development of the fourth pole provides opportunities for the gear industry to reshuffle. New leading enterprises will stand out, and some old enterprises will lose development opportunities or even withdraw from the market.

It should be said that at present, in view of the fourth pole growth of the gear industry, the domestic related supporting equipment industry is not able to meet this demand. The gear related industry should seize this opportunity to develop itself, and in turn promote the fourth pole of the gear industry to develop faster. These foundations include talent, technology, management and industrial chain. In the future, the output value will exceed 300 billion yuan, which will eventually realize the transformation of China from a gear manufacturing country to a gear manufacturing country.

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