Key gear processing technology in China

The machining here mainly refers to the machining of gear, shaft and other parts. Improving the level of processing technology is an important guarantee to improve the precision, quality, reliability and production efficiency of gear products. High precision, high efficiency and environmental protection are the important characteristics of gear processing technology in the future.

(1) Present situation

China’s gear manufacturing technology and manufacturing capacity have been continuously improved, but compared with the international advanced level, gear manufacturing generally has some problems, such as high energy consumption, low material utilization and production efficiency, poor product quality stability, cutting fluid pollution to the environment and so on. There is a lack of standards and specifications for tooth grinding and burn control. Enterprises explore separately, rarely communicate in the industry, and the detection technology can not keep up, resulting in high scrap rate and low production efficiency; There is a lack of systematic research on gear superhard machining technology, dry cutting technology, limit (maximum and minimum) manufacturing technology, gear tooth shot peening strengthening technology and near net shape technology, which is far from meeting the needs.

(2) Challenge

Superhard machining and dry cutting can improve machining efficiency and reduce pollution. Near net shape such as gear cold forging and warm forging can save about 30% and 65% energy. With the increasing energy crisis and environmental pollution, gear processing is required to achieve high efficiency, energy saving, material saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection; With the development of mechanical equipment towards high performance, high reliability and long life, gear processing is required to achieve high precision and high quality, so it is necessary to overcome a series of key processing technologies.

(3) Target

① Conquer the gear near net shape technology and die manufacturing technology, and improve the near net shape rate of automobile gear parts and shaft parts year by year; ② Overcome the technology of gear dry cutting and superhard machining, and increase the gear dry cutting and superhard machining rate by about 5% per year; ③ Carry out research on repair technology of large gears and other parts to realize remanufacturing of large and valuable parts; ④ Study the manufacturing technology of micro parts such as micro gear to meet the needs of ultra-small volume transmission device; ⑤ Improve production efficiency and shorten the production cycle by 10% ~ 15% every five years; ⑥ Study the gear manufacturing process to improve the manufacturing accuracy of cylindrical gear and bevel gear.

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