Machining Analysis of Double Gear Shaft

With the rapid development of modern human scientific manufacturing technology, human beings began to use various scientific knowledge and manufacturing technology to deepen the research on the machining process of double gear shaft and to innovate and develop the design process method. This paper makes a deep inquiry into the double gear, machining process and processing precautions.

1. Function of tandem gears

Double gear system is one of the power transmission mechanical parts widely used in industrial machines.It transfers large amounts of power quickly and automatically changes the gear speed and direction of rotation axis.There are many types of gear drive, which can be divided into three types according to the different transmission structure.The wheels are fitted with cylindrical gears to drive the axial drive between the two parallel shafts.It also drives the axial drive between the two intersecting shafts with bevel gear and the radial drive between the two intersecting shafts with worm wheel and driving worm.

2. Integral structure design features of double gear

The overall structure of tandem gears can have various structural shapes and dimensions depending on the actual process requirements, but from its technological design point of view, we can basically divide their motives into two parts: each ring gear and each wheel body. The ring gear is separately divided into different tooth shapes required for use, and each wheel body is separately provided with convenient safety.Holes fitted and used and a journal.

3. Main functions and driving structure characteristics of double drive gears

Dual drive gear is mainly used in transmission of some large mechanical equipment. Through the combination with mechanical operation transmission mechanism, the automatic transmission can be realized by sliding the duplex gear.Cylindrical gears can generally be divided into two major parts, a single ring gear and a double wheel body. The ring gear can be correctly divided according to the internal structure and shape of each ring gear and wheel body.Two of the double cylindrical gear wheels are disk-type gears and two double ring gears. The straight teeth cut out on the two ring gears are Circular-Tooth shaped and each wheel body has a spline hole.

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