Optimum Design of Involute Straight Tooth Profile Reshaping

The relationship between dynamic load of gear drive system and modification parameters is very complex. When two or more modification parameters change at the same time, the optimal modification parameters are usually determined by optimum design method in order to obtain the best profile modification effect.

For heavy-duty vehicle gear drive system, bearing capacity is also an important factor to be considered. In order to avoid overlap and strength reduction caused by excessive modification amount and excessive modification length, thus affecting the bearing capacity, during the optimization process, the upper limit of modification amount is taken as the deformation amount of the highest point of single-tooth engagement under the average engine torque, and the upper limit of modification length is taken as single-tooth engagement.Repair length corresponding to the highest point.

The modification quantity and length of two gears are independent. When the two parameters change, they can be calculated by selecting sample points equidistantly within the feasible range of each design variable. In this way, the optimal modification parameters can be determined and the global characteristics of dynamic load changing with the modification parameters can be observed.Due to the different modification types, from the qualitative point of view, the variation rule of dynamic load with modification parameters is basically similar, only quantitative differences exist, only linear modification is analyzed.

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