Parameter setting of numerical simulation for precision forming process of spur gear

In this paper, the first mock exam of the internal gear of a solid cylinder with no hub hub and spoke b=20 is carried out with a m=2.5, z=20, b=20, a pressure angle of =20, and a circular cylinder.

The initial conditions of numerical simulation are as follows: AISI-1045, 1100 ℃ billet temperature, 300000 tetrahedral meshes, 350 ℃ die temperature, 0.3 friction coefficient, 4.8mm/s upper and lower punch movement speed. According to the principle that the step size is not more than 1 / 3 of the minimum cell side length, the simulation step size is set as 0.05mm/step, and the numerical simulation is carried out after the volume compensation setting is completed.

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