Principle and method of on machine measurement of large gear

The particularity of large gear and its measurement is analyzed in detail, and the principle and key technology of gear profile, tooth direction and pitch error measurement are studied. Based on the in-depth discussion of the geometric characteristics and error mechanism of involute profile, the new principle and method of on-machine measurement of large gears are studied.

(1) This paper comprehensively analyzes the geometric characteristics of involute profile, studies its geometric properties under different conditions, and studies the essence of Involute Measurement from the configuration mechanism and formation process of involute;

(2) The general scheme of on-line measurement is demonstrated and determined, and the general guiding ideology is established, such as making full use of processing equipment resources, adopting advanced mechatronics technology, giving full play to the software function of “compensating rigidity with flexibility”, and solving various key problems in large gear measurement;

(3) A new measuring principle of on-line measurement of tooth strip edge probe is proposed and implemented, which effectively realizes the high-precision measurement of large gear

(4) The measurement process of the tooth strip edge probe is studied from the perspective of the relationship between error and variation. It not only reveals the relationship between the measured gear error and the measurement data, but also establishes the mathematical model of the accuracy analysis of the measurement system, which becomes an important basis for the manufacturing and installation of the prototype of the measurement system;

(5) Based on the analysis of the transmission mechanism of friction pair, a precision angle measuring device with large transmission ratio is designed and developed

(6) This paper puts forward a scheme of precise installation and alignment adjustment of measuring device on machine tool by using high precision electronic level as medium tool and absolute horizontal plane and plumb line as intermediate conversion datum

(7) The prototype of the measurement system has been designed and manufactured, and the field measurement test has been carried out successfully.

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