Profile modification of high-speed heavy-load gear drive

Profile modification is an effective method to reduce gear vibration, noise and thermal bonding failure. Profile modification can correct load distribution, eliminate impact of rodent whistle, reduce noise and vibration, and improve gear transmission smoothness.

The key to profile modification is to determine the amount and curve of profile modification, and the thermoelastic deformation under thermal equilibrium can be accurately obtained by thermoelastic weighing, which can better guide the profile modification.Therefore, it is of great significance to study the load, contact stress, transmission error, temperature field, flash temperature and dynamic load under different modification modes.

It is put forward for thermal design and thermal checking of high-speed and heavy-load gear system. It provides an effective method for thermal design and checking of gear system by analyzing load distribution, temperature field distribution, thermal deformation, thermal-elastic pan-bonding and thermal gluing load-carrying capacity of spur gear and helical gear, and provides basis for tooth profile modification.

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