Research progress on thermal behavior of gear system

Gear system thermal behavior plays an important role in high-speed and heavy-load gear transmission, affecting the strength, life and safety stability of the transmission system and even the whole machine.The external manifestation of gear thermal behavior is temperature field, and the influence of transmission temperature field on transmission system is mainly manifested in two aspects:

One is the instantaneous high temperature generated by the contact surface at the moment of contact, called flash temperature, which largely determines the gluing load-carrying capacity of the gear system.

Second, the temperature of the body hardly changes with time, causing thermal deformation of the wheel body, resulting in tooth errors and other problems, which can also indirectly affect the gluing load capacity, noise and dynamic load of the gear system.

Considering both of them comprehensively, they are unified and different forms of heat exist.

Both the flash temperature distribution and the bulk temperature distribution derive their heat from the friction heat flow between the two contact teeth.The purpose of studying the thermal behavior of gear system is to understand the influence of thermal behavior on the bearing capacity of high-speed heavy-load gear system, reduce vibration and noise of gear system and improve the gluing bearing capacity of gear system.

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