Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Involute Spur Gear Drive System

Vibration characteristics of two-stage fixed-shaft gear drive system and single-stage planetary gear drive system were tested, and the correctness of the nonlinear dynamic model and the nonlinear dynamic engagement model of the yaw-torsion coupling of involute spur gear drive proposed in this paper was verified.

This time, taking single-stage gear drive system of a heavy-duty vehicle as an example, taking engine excitation as input condition, firstly, under steady-state condition, dynamic loads at different speeds are compared and analyzed by using different dynamic models, and the effects of engine speed, center support rigidity and center distance deviation on dynamic loads are analyzed.

Then, under no-load condition, the knocking characteristics of gear drive system are compared and analyzed, and the influence of rotational speed, tooth side clearance and center distance deviation on dynamic load is analyzed. Finally, combining with qualitative and quantitative analysis methods of non-linear dynamic characteristics, the movement forms of gear drive system under different conditions are analyzed.The conclusions obtained can be used to guide the design of gear transmission systems with low vibration and noise.

Take the single-stage gear drive system of a heavy-duty vehicle as an example, as shown in the figure.The rolling bearing is simplified as isotropic elastic support and the center of the gear is equivalent to the series support of the drive shaft and the bearing.The time variable is dimensionless, the dimensionless scale is 280pi, the dimensionless simulation step is 1 x 10-3, and the total simulation step is 3 x 10000.The simulation start time engages from the top position of the gear.In order to ensure the steady-state process of the numerical solution under each operating condition, the first 2 x 100 000 steps of the numerical results are filtered out.

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