Research on dynamic response of gear system pitting based on rigid body dynamics

Based on the theory of rigid body dynamics, the rigid body analysis model of pitting dynamics of gear system is established, and the influence of pitting characteristics on the dynamic response characteristics of the system is further studied

(1) Based on the advanced option features of gear module and bearing module, detailed modeling of gear components and bearing components is carried out, such as slicing of gear, setting of detailed geometric parameters such as bearing parameters, ball, raceway and support type, etc, To ensure the integrity and accuracy of basic input parameters,

(2) Compared with the dynamic response data without pitting feature and with pitting feature, the pitting feature causes the reduction of gear meshing stiffness, especially in the pitting feature area; the dynamic transmission error curve under pitting feature presents obvious fluctuation phenomenon in the single double meshing range; the change of meshing force curve shows that the pitting feature along the tooth profile direction The change effect of the meshing force shows that it causes a sudden unbalanced response change of the meshing force within the range of the pitting characteristic area; at the same time, the local meshing force of the meshing line increases sharply due to the effect of the pitting on the tooth surface, resulting in a sudden increase of the local contact stress. If the local contact stress exceeds the limit contact stress of gear material, the rapid fatigue pitting will occur and expand under the action of cycle.