Research on NC machining technology of spiral bevel gear

The application of fully NC spiral bevel gear machining equipment greatly improves the machining accuracy of spiral bevel gear, and makes it possible to change the traditional matching machining process of spiral bevel gear. In order to achieve this goal, in the actual production, first, the theoretical tooth surface with good contact characteristics needs to be designed through the advanced cutting adjustment calculation method, and then the tooth surface shape of spiral bevel gear is accurately controlled in the machining process, so that the machined gear tooth surface is consistent with the designed theoretical tooth surface, It can ensure that the spiral bevel gear has good contact characteristics and good interchangeability. In order to control the tooth surface shape, the tooth profile deviation of the gear must be measured and corrected.

The tooth surface of spiral bevel gear is a complex free-form surface. At present, the main measurement method is the coordinate measurement (CMM) of gear measurement center. In 1970, fellows exhibited microlog50 CNC four coordinate gear measuring center for the first time at the Chicago machine tool Expo. The machine tool used laser interferometer and high-precision rotary encoder as closed-loop feedback to obtain high measurement accuracy. By the mid-1980s, many measuring instrument manufacturers had launched their own CNC gear measurement centers, such as the 2000 and 3000 series of M & M company in the United States, the PNC series of Klingelnberg company in Germany and the 644 series of Carl mahr company Ci, etc. In 1995, the first CNC gear measuring machine developed by Xi’an Institute of technology was exhibited at the Fourth Beijing International Machine Tool Exhibition. After that, Xi’an Institute of technology cooperated with Harbin Measuring and cutting tools group to complete the design and manufacture of 39xx series commercialized gear measuring center in 2000 and successfully introduced it to the market. Due to the complexity of spiral bevel gear tooth surface, the early domestic gear measurement center can not measure spiral bevel gear. In 2004, Harbin Measuring and cutting tools group cooperated with Chongqing University of technology to successfully develop the measurement software GIS of spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear, which can run on the series 3903a and 3906 of Harbin gear measurement center, and the measurement technology of spiral bevel gear that puzzles the gear industry in China has made a breakthrough.

Because the end hobbing technology was less applied in China at that time, the software did not develop the measurement module of end hobbing spiral bevel gear. The sigma and P series gear measuring centers developed by Gleason M & M company of the United States and Klingelnberg of Germany can be applied to the measurement of spiral bevel gears of various systems of end face milling and end face Hobbing with the help of their advantages in the theory and technology of spiral bevel gears.

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