Research on reverse engineering of logarithmic spiral bevel gear

Reverse engineering is a reverse process of product design. The general product design is to design the shape and some basic parameters of the product according to the service performance of the product, use the three-dimensional modeling software to build the digital model of the product, and then input it into the process of NC machine tool processing and manufacturing. However, reverse engineering is the reverse process of forward design. According to the existing parts and products, use the scanning software to scan some data information of the parts, and then get the part drawing of the product according to the data information.

The development of reverse engineering is developed with the continuous development of computer technology. With the continuous development of digital automation technology, the measurement technology and methods of products are also improved. The R & D team of reverse engineering has also developed different supporting measurement system software. The data information collected by the measuring equipment can be processed by the system software. In today’s increasingly diversified product modeling, reverse engineering has become a missing part of supplementary courses in product development. The application of Fan Wei covers many aspects: when the designed product requires special aesthetic requirements for the shape, the intention of the request must be displayed in the form of entity, and the reverse engineering technology must be used; In the mold manufacturing industry, in order to get a mold that meets the requirements, we should design a new design drawing based on the original parts, process it on the NC machine tool, and copy the same part with the help of reverse engineering technology.

After processing the collected data information, the most important process is geometric modeling (surface reconstruction). Geometric modeling uses some reverse engineering software, including Imageware, ICEM, Geomagic studio, etc. In the process of modeling, we should also pay attention to the process structure analysis of products, so we need to combine the digital system of modeling with the processing process analysis system of parts, analyze the original design intention of product parts, use the system to extract the information of key technical data points, and realize the free and smooth connection of part surface curves and surfaces.

Reverse engineering technology mainly includes software reverse engineering, influence reverse engineering and physical reverse engineering. In the current research field, the most extensive research is physical reverse, which is also in line with the current technological development. In short, physical reverse engineering is to transform the existing part products into original design data (design drawings, part process, etc.), and optimize the reverse engineering drawings and some key technologies related to the part structure and performance by using the optimization method, Only in this way can we get more ideal design information that meets the initial product design performance requirements of designers.

The technical implementation process of reverse engineering is a systematic project. Its whole implementation process includes many links. It mainly includes the processing of product samples, data acquisition and processing, re product modeling system, CAD / CAM system, product evaluation and modification, and product optimization. Therefore, reverse engineering involves key technologies such as part product scanning, data information processing, curve reconstruction, surface reconstruction and so on.

Logarithmic spiral bevel gear is a new type of gear, which is difficult to manufacture, has high precision requirements and complex surface shape. How to ensure the accuracy error between the real machined tooth surface and the theoretical tooth surface is a difficulty. The research on the reverse technology of gear is also gradually developed due to the development of reverse technology, while the research on the reverse technology of logarithmic spiral bevel gear is still the first time. Considering China’s current dependent position in the gear industry and the unique characteristics of logarithmic helix itself, the helix angles of each point on the curve are equal everywhere, It can improve the transmission performance of the gear, improve the coincidence degree and meshing stiffness, so the logarithmic helix gear has strong research value. Therefore, it is necessary for us to further study the logarithmic spiral bevel gear by using the reverse technology on the basis of the continuous improvement of the theoretical basis of logarithmic spiral bevel gear.

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