Study on the dynamics of gear transmission system under fatigue pitting of tooth surface

With the “innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing” five development concepts and development needs, industrial equipment demand of high quality quantification, high parameterization and high performance, equipment manufacturing industry is facing great challenges and opportunities. For industrial machinery and equipment with gear transmission mode, strict requirements are put forward on the bearing capacity, stability, vibration and noise of the machinery and equipment.

Combining with the current situation of domestic and foreign scholars research achievements, from design – manufacturing – application integration research shows that mechanical equipment spare parts within the tolerance of design requirements can satisfy the requirement of the equipment operation strength design, in the absence of new application materials and novel processing technology is put forward under the premise, only by optimizing the geometric design to further enhance the strength of the gear transmission performance has very big limitation. According to the design requirements of modern dynamics and industrial needs, the requirements of stability, small vibration and small noise in the operation of mechanical equipment occupy a higher and higher proportion. As well as machinery and equipment operating cycle, the rapid diagnosis and identification of machinery and equipment failure is particularly important, which not only reduces the economic loss caused by the failure effect, but also reflects the rapid response ability and fault maintenance ability of the enterprise.

The in-depth study of the dynamics and fault dynamic response characteristics of gear transmission is not only to evaluate the operation reliability of the design stability of gear transmission, but also to realize the early prediction of the failure of gear transmission. From the perspective of engineering application, the dynamic response characteristics of gear transmission system under lossless and lossless tooth surface (fatigue pitting) were studied by taking involute spur gear pairs as the research object. Simulation under the tooth surface fatigue pitting geometric characteristics, the meshing stiffness of internal incentive features and characteristics of system dynamic response signals in-depth research, improve the gear fault system dynamics theory and building engineering application of fault signal than database, achieve early prediction, early detection, early importance such as preventive maintenance.

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