The Parallel-Axis Gears

The most basic types of gear shaft rotation is used to change volume by meshing gears of different sizes. Parallel equipment can back them very effective and can transfer large amounts of power (Hamrock et al. 2005, p. 608). The simple gears in this category called spur gears because...


General knowledge of axis gear

Definition: Axis gear refers to a mechanical part which bears rotating parts and rotates along with it for delivering motion, bending moment and twisting moment. And the common form is round metal bar shape, of which, each section has different sizes in diameter. As a part of making rotational...


What is the spur Gear

Introduction Spur gears are one of the most common types of gears used in mechanical systems and machinery. They belong to the category of cylindrical gears, which means their teeth are cut on the surface of a cylinder. These gears have straight teeth that run parallel to the gear’s...