Technical level of domestic gear heat treatment furnace

Computer technology is applied to the control of domestic heat treatment furnace, which realizes high precision and multi-function. Control accuracy: furnace temperature ± 0.5 ℃; Gas phase carbon potential ± 0.04% C; Carbon content of surface layer of treated parts ± 0.05% C; The depth deviation of carburized layer is ± 0.1mm. Control function: sjtv-560 control system includes dynamic controllable nitriding and dynamic carbon potential control software and multi factor accurate control software. The system has complete functions.

1. Correctly control the carbon concentration distribution of carburized layer. It can automatically optimize the process parameters in the process, automatically control the gas-phase carbon potential, ensure the quality of the infiltrated layer and minimize the time. Compensate the consequences caused by deviation during operation at any time.

2. Ensure that the ideal concentration and infiltrated layer structure can be obtained at different parts of the parts. Automatically calculate the effects of temperature and alloy element content.

3. During operation, calculate the unsteady infiltration layer concentration distribution according to the actual changes of furnace temperature and carbon potential.

Display: temperature time, carbon potential time, heating power time curve, current concentration distribution curve and infiltration layer concentration, etc. From the comparison of the above technical indexes of gear heat treatment furnace, it can be seen that the high-level domestic heat treatment furnace developed in China in recent years has reached the technical level of similar foreign heat treatment furnaces, and basically meets the needs of domestic heat treatment production. Today’s domestic heat treatment furnaces are more and more satisfying and reassuring to users. As the person in charge of a user said, “now is the time to use domestic furnaces”. It is easy to solve with domestic furnace accessories, good after-sales service, and the price is only about 1 / 5 of that of similar products introduced.

Practice has proved that the imported furnace is not perfect. For the technical transformation of heat treatment workshop, domestic furnaces that can meet the technical requirements of heat treatment shall not be introduced. More use of domestic furnaces by users is conducive to promoting the improvement of domestic heat treatment production technology.

The heat treatment furnace shall be selected according to the product variety, batch, technical requirements, comprehensive process analysis, economic analysis and production organization analysis results.

Dozens of continuous carburizing automatic lines and more than 100 sealed box multi-purpose furnaces of major manufacturers of gear heat treatment furnaces in China have been put into normal operation. These industrial furnace plants will continue to launch new furnace types of higher level to meet the market demand. At the same time, some new industrial furnace factories also produce heat treatment furnaces such as sealed box multi-purpose furnaces to join the industrial furnace market competition. Domestic heat treatment furnace will develop higher in the competition.

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