Test device and system for vibration characteristics of planetary gear drive system

Taking single-stage planetary gear drive as test object, vibration characteristics test is carried out on the special test bench for high-speed gears of Beijing University of Technology. Physical drawing of single-stage planetary gear drive system test bench is given.

The test uses an electrically closed-loop system with two identical motors as drive and load test devices. A torque and speed sensor is installed at the end of the shaft of the drive motor and load motor respectively to monitor the torque and speed of the shaft end of the drive motor and load motor in real time during operation.Gears and bearings are independently lubricated through a set of lubrication pump station systems, and the lubrication flow and pressure as well as the temperature of the lubricating oil can be continuously adjusted according to the test requirements.In order to test the vibration signal of rotating parts and transmit the signal from rotating position to fixed position, DH5905 wireless strain acquisition system is installed on the output connection plate of the test device to collect the vibration signal of rotating parts.The test conditions are as follows:

Test specimen: single stage planetary gear drive;

Loading device: asynchronous motor;

Test system: data acquisition and analysis system, wireless strain test system, strain measurement system;

Sensors: three-way acceleration sensor, eddy current displacement sensor, resistance strain gauge.

Technical indexes and detailed parameters of each sensor and data acquisition equipment.Single stage planetary gear drive as shown.

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