The first grade precision standard gear is developed in China

Wang Liding’s team of academicians of Dalian University of technology has successfully developed a class 1 precision standard gear, and the gear precision index has reached the international leading level. This technology has all independent intellectual property rights, which fills in the blank of manufacturing technology and measuring method of class 1 precision gear at home and abroad.

Ultra precision machining and testing technology is one of the important symbols of a country’s manufacturing industry level, as well as the foundation and key of advanced equipment manufacturing technology. It plays a key role in industrial production, aerospace and other important fields, and has an important strategic position. Gear accuracy directly affects the overall accuracy of mechanical engineering equipment, which can be divided into 12 grades. The gears with accuracy above grade 5 are mainly used in ultra precision machine tools, radars, aerospace engines and other occasions with high-speed and stable transmission requirements; the gears with accuracy above grade 2 are basic standard gears, which are mainly used as national or international gear meter calibration and accuracy transmission entity benchmarks.

At present, the gear precision of the most advanced countries in the world has reached level 2, and the development and test of level 1 precision standard gear has not been realized. Academician Wang Liding’s team has conquered the key technologies such as innovative design of key parts of ultra precision standard gear grinder, ultra precision gear processing technology, completed the refined transformation of standard gear grinder, realized the overall improvement of ultra precision standard gear processing accuracy and precision measurement technology, developed a series of class 1 precision standard gears, and filled in the gaps at home and abroad. At present, the class-1 precision standard gear has been used as a physical standard by China Academy of Metrology and enterprises for the calibration and value transfer of high-precision gear meter, which has produced significant social benefits and has important application value.

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