The Process of Bevel Gear (part 3)

By making the gap between less teeth, the teeth will be little more than they are supposed to be possible with the equipment later grinded down to a final features. Create the involute using the same parametric equations used in the process spur gear. Remember that the radius of the circle rb equivalent basis. Make the coincident involute with the base circle. Dimension the distance between the centerline and the involute to half the equivalent tooth thickness. The involute mirror about the centerline, then sketch a circular pattern to achieve the equivalent number of teeth. This will define the gap between the teeth, which can then cut.

Equivalent Spur Gear Profile Sketch

Create the bottom of the profile by sketching an arc between the involutes up along the base circle. To the top of the profile is a straight line can be used as long as the entire profile higher than the face outside the appliance (see figure 16).

Teeth Spacing Profile

To use the right material new sketch needs to be done at the apex of the gear profile sketch. Create a 3D sketch and draw point is coincident with the reference point A of figure 13.

Profiles of the Cut

The last step is to use a lofted cut directly from the 3D sketch created with the tooth space profile made on the construction plane. This creates space in between two teeth. Circular pattern is then used to cut the space in between the rest of the teeth.

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