Vibration analysis of reducer variable speed integrated gear based on harmonic balance method

Noncircular gear is a kind of precise transmission mechanism which can realize the complex functional relationship between driving wheel and driven wheel. Compared with traditional gear, non-circular gear has more compact space structure and better dynamic performance in transmission balance. Therefore, it is widely used in many high-speed and heavy-duty fields, such as agriculture, metallurgy, medical equipment, weapons, power equipment and multi legged robot Industry.

Wang Jinwu et al. Designed a new type of ovate all spur gear planetary system piercing mechanism to solve the problem that fertilizer spraying needle can not always keep vertical state into the soil; Liu Dawei et al. Proposed a compound gear mechanism with small cylindrical gear and non-circular gear, which has dual functions of deceleration and speed change of traditional two-stage generator, to excite non sinusoidal vibration of mold; Tao Dehua et al A driving mechanism which combines crank slider and non-circular gear to produce stable pulsating blood flow; Gao Ying et al. Replaced the original transmission system of Gatling weapon with elliptical gear transmission, effectively stabilizing the fluctuation of driving power; Tucker et al. Applied noncircular gear to the transmission system of a kind of rotary vane engine; Huang et al A Bionic Hexapod Robot Driven by non-circular gears was designed. The dynamic performance of the robot was evaluated by experiments. Noncircular gear is widely used in many fields and has a good prospect. Due to its excellent transmission characteristics, non-circular gear is an important branch of gear transmission.

The traditional non-circular gear transmission needs to add reduction gear between the non-circular gear and the prime mover to achieve the effect of reducing transmission speed. The resulting power transmission path is long and the structure space is relatively loose, which can not match the current design requirements of high efficiency and light weight of the transmission system. In addition, the limitation of the non-circular and non-circular matching mode leads to the fact that not any transmission ratio can be designed The non-circular gear pair of continuous transmission is produced, so the reduction assistance of circular gear is needed in the non-circular gear transmission, and the construction of pitch curve is poor, which restricts the development and application of non-circular gear.

The reduced speed integrated gear consists of a small cylindrical gear and a non-circular gear, as shown in the figure. It breaks through the traditional non-circular gear structure, adopts the combination mode of non-circular face gear and traditional cylindrical gear, and realizes the dual functions of two cylindrical gear combination deceleration and two non-circular gear combination acceleration. Compared with the serial transmission mechanism of common non-circular gear and circular gear, it has the outstanding advantages of high efficiency and lightweight. As a new type of spatial non-circular gear transmission mechanism, it is clear that It is of great significance to determine its dynamic characteristics for the design and application of the reducer variable speed integrated gear.

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