The mechanical capacity of worm gear reducer

The mechanical capacity of worm gear reducer is generally based on the endurance limit of the material surface gear bronze, and the hardness and surface finish of the steel worm. In some low speed, high torque applications, can the shear strength of the material gears limiting factor. Calculating mechanical...


Design features century series worm gear reducers

● Cast iron housing provides equipment and support is rigid. ● Alloy shafting for greater strength. ● hardened and ground worm and bronze alloy gear for life to spend more. Provides a 30 ° pressure angle design for more efficient operation and greater durability – 20 ° – 25...


Lubricant options for worm gear reducers

● Hub City has done extensive testing on various types of oil, to compare the wear resistance, efficiency, and thermal ratings. Hub City publishes three sets of ratings catalog, with various types of oil, so the customer can choose the ideal oil for every application. Ratings available for mineral...